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Frage von Emily Wriedt

Gefragt am 08.11.2016 um 17:49 Uhr

How much money would a person have to put down on this house to have house mortgage payments of 1200/1300 Euro?

We are interested in moving back to My husband ''s home country Germany. We would be sharing house with our daughter who lives in Germany and is employed there. We would have the funds from our house sale and we too have our retirement funds

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von Marina Schneider

Beantwortet am 09.11.2016

Hello Mrs. Wriedt!

I do not know how I should understand your question. Therefore I answer times like this:

You or your daughter can buy a house. If you do not have the total amount, take out a loan. As a rule, the banks finance 90 -100% of the purchase price. Interest rates are around 1.5%
and the formation may be chosen by yourself, 3, 4 or 5%, or less... At least the money for the ancillary costs should be as equity. These are the basic income tax, brokerage costs, court costs, emergency expenses ... The basic income tax is different for the different federal states.
So look for a house that suits you. It is best to go to a finance broker who will then find the most suitable financing for you.
You get a self-report and with the data on your financial resources, a suitable financing can be calculated and offered.

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Marina Schneider
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